New TAS for LPG Applications

new-tasEuropean Automation Projects have recently completed the installation of a Terminal Automation System (TAS for LPG)  designed specifically for the storage and loading of LPG across Countrywide Farmers UK LPG depot network.

Prior to installation the sites were running with mechanical presets and manual tank gauges in the LPG storage tanks at each location. This gave the company very little traceability when attempting to reconcile overall stock movements.

In consultation with CWF,  EA Projects designed a control system which allows the recording of LPG deliveries into each site from third party suppliers and LPG deliveries onto their own road tankers through the same metering skid.

The system records all meter transactions through the loading/unloading meters and also produces reports relating to product throughput of propane through the site bottling plants which is automatically accounted for in the overall loss gain calculations.

The system has given CWF complete traceability of historical stock movements at each site as well as the ability to get live stock information from their central office for all LPG sites, providing great advantages for overall stock control. The system also provides a complete audit trail for all LPG movement in and out of every site and stores this data for up to five years.
EA Projects were also sub-contracted to complete all the site electrical works required for the project including the supply and  installation of independent remote pump start stop stations at each of the bottling plants with integrated ESD controls and high level alarm klaxons for each storage tank,

A further TAS for LPG project at a new location acquired by CWF is already in the pipeline and due for commissioning in 2016.

Darren Moor of CWF said…

Historically we had experience of working with EA Projects at our fuel oil locations in the UK and so they were a natural choice for us when the decision was made to upgrade our LPG facilities…

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