LNG Tanker Loading Systems


EA Projects have recently completed the Factory Acceptance Testing of  two LNG Tanker Loading Systems in Johor, Malaysia. The two terminal automation systems were designed specifically for the control of a number of  automated LNG tanker loading skids that are to be installed at locations in the North of India later this year.

The LNG Tanker Loading Systems both have very similar functionality including the processing of orders and authorisation of metered loads at the delivery point, and production of weigh bills via a direct link to the site weigh bridges. The iSupervisor LNG system also incorporates a direct link to the site DCS system which is used to stream dynamic process data 24/7 to the main plant system.

The systems are built to a high redundancy specification incorporating multiple clustered servers with 3 hard drives each in a RAID 5 configuration and dual redundant power supply units. They also incorporate redundant ethernet and optic fibre devices for communication to other locations across the plant and dual redundant ethernet to serial devices for communication with serial instrumentation on the loading bays,

The systems provide a complete solution from entry into the site and initial weighing, through to site exit with a completed Weighbill.

The systems core functions as well as the standard automatic  tanker loading functions also include automatic maximum weight calculations for individual tractor trailer combinations and automatic identification of order via RFID tag.

Although these systems will be the first installed in India they follow on from several successful installations in China which have been in operation in some cases for over 5 years.

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