Automatic Tank Gauging (ATG) is an essential tool for the management of tank contents, inventory control and general tank farm management.

Accurate measurement is always a key requirement but reduction of product losses and overfill protection are also important factors when selecting a system.

  • The iMonitor system is a truly versatile application that is modular in design and provides open connectivity. EA Projects offer the system as part of a turnkey tank gauging package which can interface to virtually any instrumentation. Alternatively, the system can be installed as an addition to an existing stand-alone tank gauging system to provide the user with data from their existing tank level equipment via a web platform.
  • Where the system is installed on multiple sites the iMonitor system provides access to multi tiered information from all sites through a single web page.
  • The system can be tailored in a number of different ways depending on the customer’s exact requirements regarding instrumentation and integration.
  • The web interface provides the user with multi-tiered graphical representations of tank farm information, from the complete national network of tank farms down to a specific single tank at a chosen site. Through the iMonitor system the user can manage the entire tank farm network from any remote location where internet access is available.
  • The system also provides historical trending information of all tank activity, with recording of events and alarms in an extensive events logging system.
  • iMonitor includes options for local displays at the tank inlet for driver controlled deliveries as well as SMS messaging for high level, low level leak and theft detection alarms. EA Projects can also offer solutions for independent high level shut off and bund alarm systems.
  • Where the system is integrated into an EAP Soft loading system further options are available for book stock management, tank to tank blending and stock reconciliation reporting including production of fiscal reports for customs and excise authorities.
  • EA Projects can offer a complete tank gauging service from initial specification through to installation, calibration and after sales support and maintenance.

We are very pleased with the installation of the tank gauging systems which were done as part of continual upgrades to our depots in Devon and Cornwall. The iMonitor system was installed  at the Heathfield Terminal without any problems and it’s introduction has significantly improved our stock management.

Charlie KingdonHeltor

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